Mark Alex Maidique, AIA

– New York University, Master of Business Administration,
specializations in Marketing & Entrepreneurship
– Cornell University, Bachelor of Architecture
– Registered Architect in New York & Connecticut

When Mark was 11, he disassembled his sister’s bicycle, on his own, just to figure out how it worked.  She was not amused to come home to find it in pieces, but eventually, he did get it back together.  In the process, he developed a life-long curiosity about how things function and how they’re made.

After architecture school, Mark was the first person from his graduating class to receive his license to practice.  Immediately starting his own practice, he focused on working with developers, designing condo buildings, office buildings, and multi-unit subdivisions.  In the process, he honed his understanding of client’s needs and wants.

Despite finding success in architecture, he felt too far-removed from the hands-on aspect of building that he felt early on in life and became a project manager for a Northeast developer, managing $20m a year of construction. Here he learned the art of transformation and how certain cues make us feel about our interaction with the physical world.

Wanting even more direct control over the finished product, Mark started a custom kitchen design studio.  This is where Mark’s passion for design finally met his desire to solve problems. Working with renowned architects and designers to bring their design ideas to life, many beautiful gems were created, from Boston to Maine and Sedona along the way.

It was the process of working with others to detail, engineer and fabricate design concepts that led to the creation of South Norwalk Skunk.  SNSW is a place where passion for design and fabrication coexist, and every problem is an opportunity to learn something new.

Mark still disassembles bikes, and usually puts them back together better than they were before.

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